SBRPA Program Recordings

2021 Recordings & Presentations

12-07-2021 Santa Barbara City Council Meeting Recording

Item 22. Subject: Request From Mayor Murillo And Mayor Pro Tempore Oscar Gutierrez To Discuss Advancing Tenants Protections. Recommendation: That Council consider the request from Mayor Murillo and Mayor Pro Tempore Oscar Gutierrez to Discuss Advancing Tenants Protections

9-20-2021 Rental Assistance Presentation

Please use the links below to find out more about 2021 Housing Voucher Programs. 

9-15-2021 AB832 Seminar

Jim Cole and Betty Jeppesen, leading local landlord/tenant experts, will give us their insights on Assembly Bill 832 (Senate Bill 91 extension).

03-16-2021 Tenant Screening Bootcamp 

• Meeting recording

• Powerpoint Presentation (download)

01-25-2021 California's Proposition 19

No video available for this event.

Click below to download a copy of the Powerpoint Presentation
by Attorney April Lavigne.

Proposition 19 Presentation

01-2021 Real Estate Market & Economic Forecast

An update on the local and national commercial real estate market and economy, with information/topics:

Meeting Video (tbd)

National Apartment Housing Outlook, Presentation by NAA's Paula Munger 

Santa Barbara Real Estate Market & Economic Outlook, Presentation by Radius Group's Steve Golis

2020 Recordings & Presentations

2020 December Annual Meeting

The 2020 SBRPA Annual meeting was held via Zoom and featured:
Looking Back: 2020 by SBRPA President Betty Jeppesen 
Looking Ahead: 2021 by Capitol Advocacy's Kate Bell
• Board Member & New Bylaws Vote by SBRPA Director Chuck Eckert

Click below for a video of the meeting  and/or a copy of Kate's presentation.

State Budget & Public Policy Update Presentation

October 2020: Learning Lunches, a series of informal meetings on new California laws 

Our October Learning Lunches, co-sponsored by SBAOR and SBRPA, featured half hour overviews of the latest housing laws. The sessions were given in both English (Betty Jeppesen) and Spanish (Michelle Roberson), and we are making the Zoom meeting recordings and handouts available to our members. Thank you to Krista Pleiser of SBAOR (Santa Barbara Association of Realtors), and Andrea Bifano and Alba Marshall of the City of Santa Barbara, Community Development Department for their help with this series.

Click below for copies of presentations or to view meeting videos.

AB 1482 & Just Cause AB 1482 & Just Cause

•  English Handout (click here)
•  English Zoom Recording (click here)    passcode: Wu*MZr.3   
•  Spanish Handout (click here) (Presentation will download) 
•  Spanish Zoom Recording (click here)    passcode: %5gJB5q*

AB 3088 COVID-19-Tenant Relief Act of 2020    
•  English Handout (click here)
•  English Zoom Recording (click here)    passcode U30&v?iJ   
•  Spanish Handout (click here)  (Presentation will download)
•  Spanish Zoom Recording (click here)    passcode: ^04Hd%8N

Other State Laws   
•  English Handout (TBD) 
•  English Zoom Recording (click here)    passcode: 8!xU#M59  
•  Spanish Handout (TBD)
•  Spanish Zoom Recording (click here)   passcode 09s68e?k

Santa Barbara City Laws   
•  English Handout (click here) (Rental Housing Mediation presentation will download)
•  English Zoom Recording (click here)    passcode: UBjn.7HW 
•  Spanish Handout (TBD)
•  Spanish Zoom Recording (click here)   passcode: P7E^2$MW