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SBRPA Candidate PAC (Optional)

SBRPA Candidate PAC (Optional)
SBRPA Candidate PAC 

The SBRPA Candidate PAC is committed to preserving and advancing its members’ interests through political advocacy at the local government levels by helping elect candidates in Santa Barbara County and across the central coast that appreciate the role of housing providers in the community. The purpose of SBRPA PAC is simple: to raise funds and help elect candidates who understand and support our issues and interests.

Housing providers and property rights have never been under such assault as we are today in California, in Santa Barbara County, and in the City of Santa Barbara especially.    Therefore, it’s critical that your Santa Barbara Property Owners Association Political Action Committee support local candidates that respect property rights and support housing on the Central Coast.    The PAC desperately needs your support and contribution to our Candidates PAC.  Help SBRPA’s PAC get candidates elected who support housing providers by contributing $100 today.  

A member is free to contribute more or less than the suggested $100 per unit.

Suggested Donation: