The Santa Barbara Rental Property Association was founded in 1929 to provide assistance to local property owners.

1929 Membership Meeting
1929 Membership Meeting of SBRPA

"SBRPA does more than advocate for property owners and managers. As your advocates we have an obligation to the community at large, and nowhere is this more evident than in our collaboration with the Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara, the County of Santa Barbara Housing Authority, and organizations like Transition House. Both the City and County Housing Authorities are members of SBRPA, which allows us to provide mutually beneficial services to each other that keep our organization strong and helps the Housing Authority grow its inventory of affordable housing in their geographic areas."  Jim Carrillo, 2019 SBRPA President

Current Board of Directors

2019 SBRPA Board Members

Front row: Danielle Holzer-Burkitt, Michelle Roberson, Harold Goldman, Chris Agnoli
Back row: Jim Carrillo, Laura Bode, Janet Eastman, Charles Eckert III, Steve Battaglia,
Anna Agnoli, Michael Fonzi, and Betty Jeppesen