Legal Questions & Advice

We are not attorneys. SBRPA's staff is NOT allowed to answer ANY legal question. SBRPA staff can only answer questions about SBRPA legal forms.

Why?  SBRPA's insurance policy and Board strictly prohibits staff from answering legal questions, such as offering guidance on a problem you are having with a tenant. 

Unfortunately, over the past 3 years the laws have become so complex that there is no general answer to a legal question. There are many possible answers depending upon the unit's geographic location, exemption status, if you have proof of  applicable legal notifications to tenants (i.e., exemption, one-year lease requirement) etc.

For LEGAL QUESTIONS  - such as a problem with a tenant - attend a SBRPA program where attorneys provide answers to general questions.

Or contact the following for free advice: 

* Rental Housing Mediation  (805) 564-5420

* Legal Aid Foundation of SB County  (805) 963-6754

ATTORNEYS: Contact us for list of attorney referrals. Also, attorney Betty Jeppesen offers SBRPA Members a special 15 minute initial consultation rate of $100. PH: (805) 450-1789 or e-mail: