NEWS ALERTS  : Rental Assistance Programs

4/20/2021 Santa Barbara County ERAP Presentation to SBRPA 
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Previously, the County's ERAP reimbursement has been capped at $6,000 for 3 months' rent  -- but on April 20th Santa Barbara's County Board of Supervisors will hopefully increase amount of reimbursement for Santa Barbara owners and renters to 100% of 15 months rent owed.

The County has $4.5 million ERAP to distribute. First come, first served. After it is gone, you and your renter's only option will be to apply to the State for just 80% reimbursement. And we've just learned that the State doesn't expect to start processing SB County ERAP applicatons until possibly September at the earliest.

What should you do now? 

IMMEDIATELY Help your Renter apply to the County ERAP, as funds are limited to the first to apply:

Also, let your Renter know:

1.The pandemic's Eviction Moratorium is NOT a "rent holiday". While they can not be evicted if they pay 25% of the rent by June, they are still legally liable for all of the rent they owe during the past year of the pandemic. If they don't pay, they will still be held legaly responsible for paying the rent, and after June they unfortunately could also be evicted for non-payment of rent.

2. If they have been impacted by COVID in any way, ie. illness or their income reduced, they can  receive a "grant" from the County for 15 months of rent that they don't need to pay back IF THEY APPLY IMMEDIATELY. Now is their ONLY CHANCE as a renter to receive a "grant" from the County that will cover up to 100% of 15 months' rent. No need to be a US citizen.  However, the County funds are limited. First come, first served. So it is urgent they apply immediately to the County before the County runs out of  "rent grant" funds.  

3. If they do not apply for grant, the renter is still legally liable for the rent.

4. To apply, the main requirement is that the renter be below 80% of the AMI (Adjusted Mean Income) in Santa Barbara. Preference given to below 50% AMI.

"Housing is Key" Call toll-free 833-430-2122.
Many of you applied when the State website went live at 5:00 pm March 15, 2021. SBRPA has now learned the State will not be considering applications from Santa Barbara County until SB County ERAP funds are depleted. Thus, it may be September 2021 before your State ERAP application is considered. Even if you have already applied to the State, encourage your tenant to immediately apply to SB County's ERAP. It might provide you with 100% reimbursement - versus the State's 80% reimbursement -- and much faster than the State program.
If you still want to wait for State ERAP: Once the landlord has completed the State application, the tenants that were listed by the landlord will get an email for them to complete necessary documents/consent. State Call Center: 7 am and 7pm at 833-430-2122. 80% reimbursement to Landlord for past due rent if landlord forgives other 20%. Landlord applies: