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2021 Documents & Information

September 2021 – Recordings of Fall seminars presented on New Housing Laws

09/01/2021 New Santa Barbara Rent Cap

2020 Documents & Information

December 2020: Annual Meeting — State Budget & Public Policy Update Presentation

October 2020: Learning Lunches, a series of informal meetings on new California laws. Click on the title for more information on the particular law; handouts and recordings are listed where available. 

AB 1482 & Just Cause 

•  English Handout (click here)
•  English Zoom Recording (click here)    passcode: Wu*MZr.3   
•  Spanish Handout (click here) (Presentation will download) 
•  Spanish Zoom Recording (click here)    passcode: %5gJB5q*

AB 3088 COVID-19-Tenant Relief Act of 2020

•  English Handout (click here)
•  English Zoom Recording (click here)    passcode U30&v?iJ   
•  Spanish Handout (click here)  (Presentation will download)
•  Spanish Zoom Recording (click here)    passcode: ^04Hd%8N

AB828 Eviction Moratorium

SB Local Just Cause

Other State Laws   
•  English Handout (TBD) 
•  English Zoom Recording (click here)    passcode: 8!xU#M59  
•  Spanish Handout (TBD)
•  Spanish Zoom Recording (click here)   passcode 09s68e?k

Santa Barbara City Laws   
•  English Handout (click here) (Rental Housing Mediation presentation will download)
•  English Zoom Recording (click here)    passcode: UBjn.7HW 
•  Spanish Handout (TBD)
•  Spanish Zoom Recording (click here)   passcode: P7E^2$MW

2019 Documents & Information

08/19/2019 Changes to 3-Day Notices

05/27/2019 Answers to Common Legal Questions

05/16/2019 CA Carbon Monoxide Installation Requirements

04/29/2019 Just Cause Overview

04/16/2019 Mandatory One-Year Lease Document

03/01/2019 CA Residential Application Fees

01/19/2019 CA Residential Carpet Depreciation

2019 Documents & Information

Guidelines for Unlicensed Assistants who Work in the Real Estate Industry (2018 update)