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SAVE Costa Hawkins & DEFEAT “Justice for Renters’ Act”

Our industry and our livelihood are constantly threatened by laws proposing to limit our rights as property owners. The latest threat is a 2024 rent control ballot initiative that would broadly expand rent control to single-family homes, condominiums, and rental units upon vacancy (vacancy de-control). CalRHA is asking all affiliates to help fight this and other threats. The ballot initiative is called the “Justice for Renters Act”.

This is a threat to the protections afforded by Costa Hawkins which still allows a landlord to raise rents to market when a tenant finally vacates and exempts single family homes and condos and properties that are separately alienable from other properties on the parcel of land. Also exempt are properties with an occupancy permit from 1995 or later. 

What is Costa Hawkins some people have asked me. The Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act was enacted in 1995 and codified as California Civil Code section 1954.50 et seq. As stated, Costa Hawkins currently places limits on municipal rent control ordinances so that cities cannot create local ordinances that would override this state law. 

The ballot initiative for 2024 will impact all of this unless stopped or changed.  Please contribute now and give us the resources we need to fight this ballot initiative. 

Why should you join the fight against this ill-conceived ballot proposition?  Here are just a few of the things this deeply flawed proposition will do unless we defeat it in November:
  • Eliminates important protections and exemptions under state law’s the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act (1995) covering all housing units – YOU won’t be able to increase rent to going market rates if this initiative passes, and new construction, single-family homes and condominiums could be subjected to the most restrictive local rent control.
  • Allows cities or counties to enact vacancy control – rent on vacant units may only be increased if and as allowed by local jurisdictions. You will no longer be able to increase rent to the market rent upon vacancy.
  • Decimates property values – Similar laws passed in New York State caused values of rental properties to drop 30% to 40% IMMEDIATELY.
  • Reduce housing supply by forcing rental property owners out of business.
  • Gives unelected bureaucrats unlimited power to add fees on housing – hundreds of rent control boards will “spring up” across California.
  • Add tens of millions of dollars in new costs to local governments to administer local rent regulations – YOU will pay for these increased costs through additional fees and taxes.
  • All properties older than 15 years will be subject to local rent control laws and lower rent caps – AB 1482 would be canceled.
  • Makes California’s housing crisis EVEN WORSE! If this ballot initiative passes, we will ALL be forced out of the rental housing business.

Thank you for your donation. You may contribute more or less than the suggested $150.

Please also consider:

  • SBRPA Candidate PAC committed to preserving and advancing its members’ interests through political advocacy at the local government levels
  • Education Fund: helps with Programs, Speakers, Workshops, Seminars and Town halls in support of the concerns and needs of rental property owners.
  • Legal Action Fund: allows SBRPA to preserve and protect your rights and ability to provide quality housing for your residents.
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