SBRPA Contributions

The SBRPA currently supports:

  1. POLITICAL ACTION FUND: The main Political Action Fund (PAC) is set up to fight against laws and proposing to limit our rights as property owners. This threat tends to occur annually in the form of removing the protections afforded by Costa Hawkins Act. Click the link for more information.

  2. CANDIDATE PAC: is committed to preserving and advancing its members’ interests through political advocacy at the local government levels by helping elect candidates in Santa Barbara County and across the central coast that appreciate the role of housing providers in the community. Click the link for more information.

  3. RED ALERT ITEMS: current legislation affecting our members that requires our immediate support. In 2023, Costa-Hawkins is again under attack. Modifications to the existing laws are proposed that would place more homes under Rent Control. Click the link for more information.

  4. LEGAL ACTION FUND: monies are used to retain counsel and helps with other legal expenses which can include court filings, litigation costs and general legal advice. Click the link for more information.

  5. EDUCATION FUND: helps with Programs, Speakers, Workshops, Seminars and Town halls in support of the concerns and needs of rental property owners. Click the link for more information.


Thank you for your donations. 

SBRPA Political Action Committee • P.O. Box 30030 • Santa Barbara, CA 93130-0030
Contact Steve Battaglia with any questions at 805.688.5333.