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New Changes to Tenant Displacement Payments

Effective May 9, 2023, the tenant displacement assistance payments required by the City of Santa Barbara for a Just Cause No Fault termination is REDUCED from 3 times the monthly rent to 2 times the monthly rent.

This is a change from the City ordinance that has been in effect since 2021 requiring property owners to pay 3 month’s worth of rent for Just Cause No Fault lease terminations, including repossession of the unit for occupancy by the owner.

Your support of SBRPA was critical to getting this done!

However, our work continues. This past month the County of Santa Barbara went in the opposite direction, and INCREASED tenant displacement assistance from 1 month to 3 months! This means if the monthly rent is $3,000 you must pay $9,000 to have the tenant vacate your property. Essentially, your cost just tripled!

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