Santa Barbara's New Relocation Assistance Ordinance (effective 1/8/2021)

1. Santa Barbara's new City Ordinance applies to any rental unit that is subject to State Law AB 1482. (Generally, AB 1482 applies to multi-family -- duplexes and larger. Most single family homes are exempt from 1482 and thus also exempt from  the City's new Relocation Ordinance.)

2. Tenants protected by AB 1482 will be paid 3.0 months' rent as relocation payment assistance for no-fault evictions pursuant to Santa Barbara Municipal Code Section 26.50.020.

3. Unlike State Law AB 1482, City Relocation Assistance Ordinance does NOT allow the option of providing rent credit. Landlord must make payment to tenants within 15 calendar days of notice. EXCEPTION:  If Landlord provides an "early" termination notice of 60 days or more, only 1/2 payment must be made within 15 days of notice. Other 1/2 payment is made at tenants' vacating. 

4.Unlike State Law AB 1482, Payment must be divided to be paid individually to each tenant who has been continuously and lawfully in residence for 12 months.    

5. AB 1482 Becomes Permanent in City of Santa Barbara: "In addition, this Ordinance provides additional tenant protections by making permanent the temporary protections provided under State Law AB 1482, which would otherwise sunset in 2030."

Click on links below for full document copy:

•  Ordinance 5979: Amending Just Cause for Residential Evictions

•  Resolution 20-084: Relocation Assistance Payment Amounts