Business License Compliance

Posted By: Laura G Bode. (deleted) Santa Barbara Community,

The City of Santa Barbara has contracted with AVENU MuniServices LLC to conduct a business license compliance review to identify all businesses that may be operating in the city without a business license.


In the City of Santa Barbara, you must have a business license if you own 3 or more rental properties (including single family houses.)  I contacted the City’s Business license office at 805-564-5346 and Nancy Moctezuma was kind enough to explain the fee is calculated as such: Annual total gross rents received*- $10,000)  + $19       =    TOTAL ANNUAL FEE

*Ms Moctezuma makes the suggestion that before starting the calculation, round up your annual gross rents to the nearest dollar as their system does not accept cents.

If you have questions, please contact their office at (805) 564-5346. Online application SB Business License Application

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