Oppose AB 1436

Posted By: Sharon Lum Industry News Blog,


AB 1436 will force rental housing providers to defer unpaid rent for at least 15 months!

Even then, the unpaid rent cannot be used for an unlawful detainer case a separate civil law suit will have to be started.

The proposal will also allow tenants to
not pay rent for 90 days after the COVID-19 state of emergency is lifted.

Contact your Senators today and urge them to VOTE NO ON ASSEMBLY BILL 1436 - the "Free Rent" bill. This bill will be heard shortly in the State Senate's Judiciary Committee. If it passes there, it will next move to the Senate Floor for a vote. We must stop it now by taking action!

More about AB 1436:
•  Tenants could defer rent payments up to 90 days following the end of the
   State of Emergency, without a requirement to show proof of need -- even
   tenants that can pay rent, do not have to pay.
•  Rental housing providers cannot collect unpaid rent for 15 months following
   the end of the State of Emergency.
•  Any default in the repayment of deferred rent can never be a basis for the
   termination of a tenancy or regaining possession of the rental unit.
•  All deferred rent will be converted into consumer debt, requiring the rental
   housing provider to activate a civil court action for collection.

You can read the text of Assembly Bill 1436 by clicking here.

This horrendously unfair bill would empower the government to allow renters to live rent free for an undetermined period and allows renters 15 months to repay all unpaid rent. Please contact your State Senator today (senator.jackson@senate.ca.gov) and tell them to vote NO on Assembly Bill 1436.