Oct. Lunches: Handouts

Our October Learning Lunches featured half hour overviews of the latest housing laws. The sessions were given in both English and Spanish, and we are making the Zoom meeting recordings and handouts available to our members. The light blue text are links. We will post documents and links as we get them.

AB 1482 & Just Cause AB 1482 & Just Cause
•  English Handout (click here)
•  English Zoom Recording (click here)    passcode: Wu*MZr.3   
•  Spanish Handout (click here) (Presentation will download) 
•  Spanish Zoom Recording (click here)    passcode: %5gJB5q*

AB 3088 COVID-19-Tenant Relief Act of 2020    
•  English Handout (click here)
•  English Zoom Recording (click here)    passcode U30&v?iJ   
•  Spanish Handout (click here)  (Presentation will download)
•  Spanish Zoom Recording (click here)    passcode: ^04Hd%8N

Other State Laws   
•  English Handout (TBD) 
•  English Zoom Recording (click here)    passcode: 8!xU#M59  
•  Spanish Handout (TBD)
•  Spanish Zoom Recording (click here)   passcode 09s68e?k

Santa Barbara City Laws   
•  English Handout (click here) (Presentation will download)
•  English Zoom Recording (click here)    passcode: UBjn.7HW 
•  Spanish Handout (TBD)
•  Spanish Zoom Recording (click here)   passcode: P7E^2$MW

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Click here for English Zoom recording, password: U30&v?iJ Click here for Spanish Zoom recording, password: ^04Hd%8N Click here to download a...

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Click here for Zoom recording, password: Wu*MZr.3 Click image below for handout.

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